Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hoop Hanger

The other day I dropped into Humble Sewing Center with my aging serger and noticed that a local sewing group was meeting.  They are a group that I do not attend, as the timing is usually inconvenient, BUT the project they were reviewing was fabulous.

It was a neat package to hold and transport all the hoops used with an embroidery machine. The holder had a lot of fancy embroidery on it and each hoop had its own covered pocket.  Very nice but a bit over the top for me.

Here's the back story. 

When you get a fancy embroidery machine you usually get a huge suitcase full of hoops, templates and other accessories.  Great for carrying everything around but not so convenient when you are actively using your machine at home.

My case has been sitting in my sewing area, empty, for ages.  The embroidery add-on thingy sits tucked under my sewing table and the hoops and templates are in a pile next to my thread cabinet.  Despite my best efforts, I can rarely put my hand on the hoop I need when I need it.

The one positive note is that I only use the embroidery stuff at home so I don't need something portable just something to keep the bits organized.

This is what I came up with:

It will hang on the side of my thread cabinet, close at hand but not in the way.  The hoops and coordinating placement templates will be kept clean and tidy and I will never have to crawl around on the floor again trying to find the smallest one that had fallen under the thread cabinet.

Keep your eyes open for those projects that seem silly but can be adapted to your own needs.

Glad I had my eyes open on Monday!

I wonder if there are other things I can hang up on the wall (and use up more of that orange fabric)?


Theresa said...

That's pretty sweet!

Anonymous said...

love the what you are using to help support it....j