Sunday, May 30, 2010

Summer Bog Coat

If you are new to these musings you may not realize it but I am addicted to the Bog Coat.  For a 4,000 year old design, I am continually finding new fabrics for this ultra-simple pattern.  My adventures began two years ago and that revelation and the pattern can be found here

Most recently I found a lovely Madras type print that is shot thorugh with random metallic threads.  I  found it on the sale shelf at Time Treasured Quilts locally a couple of months ago and recently figured out what to do with it.....that ever versatile bog coat pattern came immeadiately to mind.

My goal was to make a light weight cover-up for when I am wearing plain sleeveless t-shirts and I need something that I can wear in the air conditioning.  I also feel that I need something to cover up some of the itchiness I have been experiencing lately and this rendition of the bog coat really fits the bill.

A little wrinkled, but I think you get the idea of what a nice fabric I used. 

The construction was ultra simple... I serged it all together and serged the edges as well and cleaned it all up with top stitching.  This construction was great because it added very little bulk to this light weight fabric however I did have a bit of a problem with keeping the arm pits smooth.. but if you can see that problem you are probably too close!

The other day I wore it to an ASG neghborhood group meeting and got way more compliments than the difficulty of this pattern deserves.  All the credit really goes to the fabric.  One thing I did do is to make it about mid thigh length...sort of a short duster.... so I can practice my Katherine Hepburn pose.

I really encourage you to try making a bog coat for when you have a special piece of fabric.  This pattern really lets the fabric shine and the sewing skills you need are minimal to have a great result.

BTW Time Treasured Quilts is a fabulous shop with a terrific range of fabric.  From wacky cartoon prints to sophisticated oriental styles they really have fabrics I enjoy using.  Their web site does not do them justice so, if you are in town, please take the opportunity to visit them and be prepared to be bown away.  


Kim Hood said...

It's lovely. You have inspired me to look through my stash to try this.

Anonymous said...

you continue to amaze me with your talents!

Ruth said...

I love this! I can see a quilted bog coat in my future projects...

Anonymous said...

this is gorgeous! I found you via a search for Lazy Woman bread (which I plan to make today, but who knows, I'm pretty lazy, lol) I really want to make some of these coats!! I have the same problem of always being cold in air conditioned buildings. We eat outside after church, so I would love the option of having something like this coat I can slip in and out of easily. Plus it just looks so cozy! I am not an experienced seamstress so this looks to be something I could create. thanks for the idea! I have already googled a pattern, and am now going through my stash of fabric to see what I can discover.