Saturday, March 12, 2011

Simple Baby Hats

Once a month some of my friends and I get together to make projects for charity.

Last month we made almost 100 one yard hugs... those one yard pieces of kid friendly flannel fabric that we clean finished the edges of for the local charity hospital.

This month we will be making baby hats for the same hospital.

This is the ultimate in recycling as we will be using old t-shirts as the base fabric.

How easy is this:  cut out  two pieces approximately 7" square from an old t-shirt.  If possible, make one edge of each piece the hem of the t-shirt.  Sew/serge up the seams for the sides and top.  Hem the bottom if necessary.  

I'm not enamored with the helmet look as I also rounded the top seam from about two inches down from the top edge to about mid-way along the top seam.

There are a thousand variations but they all start with the same components.

From one ladies t-shirt I was able to get six baby hats constructed this afternoon.

One important construction note:  If you are serging your seams test your stitch carefully to ensure that you don't end up with a rippled edge.  This is particularly important if you have to hem your hat.

Let me say it again....test your stitch!


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