Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Disappearing Nine Patch

The Saturday Strippers met a couple of weeks ago and worked on disappearing nine patch blocks.

This is a very simple block if you follow the directions. 

First you create a square nine patch block using high contrast fabrics either by color or design.. 

Press it flat then cut it apart into four even squares by slicing down the middle both horizonitally and vertically. 

Flip the resulting squares around any way you want and this is what you can get: 

Aren't these amazing?

My effort was not as successful.

First I did not use high contrast fabrics so the resulting peice looked muddy.

Then I cut the horizontal and vertical lines incorrectly.  I forgot to double check my measurements so instead of ending up with four 6 1/4" squares I ended up with more rectangular pieces.

Not a successful project for me but a process I will experiment with in future.

If you like the look of the above quilts here are a couple of links to some sites that have had fun with this in the past.




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Lori @ Just Pure Lovely said...

I really love the one on the left. The effect of using the same fabric for some of the blocks is stunning. I'll have to try that!

(p.s. I'm Lori of Just Pure Lovely...thanks for the link back!)