Friday, February 18, 2011

Women on a Mission

I've spoken many times about the fabulous women who work on charity projects together.  Many lives are touched by women who see a need and try, in some small way, to make a difference in the lives of others.

Their contributions can be as straight forward as a monetary donation, as dramatic as being a public advocate or as simple as holding a hand.

Today I got to work with four other women who gave up part of their Friday to get together and sew receiving blankets for babies in our local charity hospital.

The project is called One Yard Hugs and I have participated in an annual drive sponsored by Sunflower Quilts for several years.

All it takes is one yard of cotton flannel and someone to finish the edges by hemming or serging.

Five women, a couples of hours, two sergers, two sewing machines and many yards of cotton flannel fabric all contributed to making SIXTY SEVEN one yard hugs!!!


With the bunch I have already completed, we will be able to give about one hundred of these little beauties to new born babies who, in many cases, go home from the hospital in just a diaper.

Thanks to Jennifer, Janetta, Susie and Lish for all of their help in this worthy cause.

Yup!  Women on a mission can change the world in many ways, both large and small.  In this case, the products may be small but the results could be large.

What's your mission?

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