Friday, January 7, 2011

And now a word from Kelis....

I seem to have a bad reputation out there for my explorer tendencies.

Yes, Alice makes sure I get healthy meals and, not so healthy snacks, for my sustenance; provides a huge, quilt covered bed for sleeping; a really comfortable lap to snuggle on and takes me on many walks to exercise my nose.

Yes, she does all these things to ensure my health and happiness.

Yes, I love living with my sister, the pompous Kimora and that stupid boy Alex.....

but it's not enough!!!

Once in a while a Girl just needs to break out of the mold.

I am not just a 8.9 lb. beauteous Dachshund.

No, I am an explorer who goes boldly to seek out new worlds and new civilizations.

To go where no Dachshund has gone before!

So what's the big deal with me tunneling under the fence to Joe's backyard so I can visit the bayou behind the house or the swimming pool two houses down?

And anyway....just because I have mud on my nose does not mean I am the guilty party!

 Thank you for your kind attention.

Now back to our regular blog posts.

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Tina. said...

Sure miss you on DOT's! Stop by sometime!