Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bonus Gifting

When I give someone a gift I like to make it a little special.

You know what I mean....If you give someone an electronic device, you include a case or some free downloads, or if a quilt then some matching pillow cases.

I try but I am not always successful.

This year it took me until December 30 to get into the bonus gift groove for this year.

The occasion was the December meeting of the Knitters North Of Town (KNOT) chapter of the Knit At Night Guild (KANG). 

Normally we don't have a meeting in December but this year the timing was perfect for a gathering after the business of Christmas.   The meeting included some snacks (YUM!), some door prizes, plans for 2011 and a skein exchange.

The skein exchange rules were for each of us to wrap a skein of yarn from our stash and randomly select one from the packages that others had brought.  We held onto our presents and opened them all at once.

I chose some funky sock yarn as my gift and just as I about about to shove it into another little gift bag I realized that I had the perfect fabric to make a gift bag.

Gift bag?

Heck, I had enough to make a little knitting bag plus a little zipper case and a lavender sachet.

Here is how it all came out:

and check out this fabric:

Now here is the weird thing.... my buddy Janetta picked my bag as her gift!

She had overheard me saying to someone at the yarn store that I had made a knitting bag for the gift exchange so she had a clue what she was looking for in the pile of gifts.

I, on the other hand, ended up with some funky cotton yarn that had been married to some silky ribbon.... both in pale blue.  I think I will be re-gifting it to someone who makes wonderful crochet things.  I know she could put this to good use!

I must admit I have spent most of the day thinking about my new year's resolutions for 2011 and I have come down to a simple declaration.  


Anything, anytime, as often as I can, with as much joy as I can muster in as tidy a sewing area as I can create.

I like that... I think it needs a banner in bold letters, red glittery letters, with curlicues and beads and........ 

Tomorrow, for sure.. until then, sleep tight.

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