Friday, December 17, 2010

Still Feeling Broke

A couple of days ago I mentioned that I was feeling broke this Christmas.

Well, I still feel broke but my my big idea ran into a little problem.

The little felted wallets from a couple of days ago did not stretch as far as I thought they would.

After giving out a bunch to the Knitting Club kids and holding back some for some friends I realized that I would have nothing left for the Workshop Houston kids.

I had been told that nothing was necessarybut I still felt I needed to give them a little something.

My new big idea started here:

and ended here:

Essentially I took a bit of canvas, covered it in arcylic craft paint, fused some random flower and bird fabric cut-outs to it, added some prepared angelina fibers, covered everything with some glittery polyester organza, randomly free motioned a bunch of metallic thread swirls all over, added some batiked fabric as a backing (only on half of them because I forgot to do this step on half of them), used the serger to cut everything out and finish off the edges.  To finish it off I used a leather punch to drill a hole into each for a hanging ribbon.


Waiting for the paint to dry was the longest step while cutting out the fabric shapes was the most tedious.  All in all it took about an hour of real work to put together about 25 ornaments/bookmarks.

When I went to the holiday party this afternoon, my hands really began to hurt, so I left them on the drinks table for people to pick and choose their favorites. I have no idea if they even liked them or if they ended up all on one pesron's tree or bookshelf becuase the pain meds are just now beginning to kick in.

Love them or hate them I am done with creating things for this holiday...

Maybe not ...

I have this quilt just begging to be quilted and to go to a new home...


I wonder if I can get it done in time?

With enough pain meds anything is possible :-)

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