Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mardi Gras Socks

In my on-going effort to conquer the 'wrap and turn heel' of many knitted socks constructed from the toe up, I attempted another pair after the lacy pair from a couple of weeks ago.

I still don't think I can make a perfect 'wrap and turn' heel but I do like these colorful socks!

I am calling them my Mardi Gras socks just because of the colors not that I will be visiting Mardi Gras anywhere in this lifetime.

I hope you are not too frentic with last minute shopping and that you take some time to enjoy the season...singing out loud with all the carols even if you can't carry a tune in bucket (like me!),  wasting electricity on silly outdoor light displays and having a good cry over some of the sappy Christmas movies that are all over the television these days.

I know I will!!!

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