Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wish Lists

There are a couple of groups that I work with who are looking for items I KNOW we have in our stashes of stuff.

You know, the stuff we bought with great expectations or those big green garbage bags that have been given to us when someone is downsizing their household.

Well, if you have any of the following items, I have a good home for them:

Knitting supplies:
  • yarn - all kinds but most especially simple worsted weight varieties
  • needles - all sizes but most especially looking for really, really large ones like 35s
  • crochet hooks - all sizes but smaller is better for fixing dropped stitches
  • scissors - blunt nosed or in a sheath
  • stitch counters
  • stitch markers
  • measuring tapes
  • simple patterns for smaller projects
  • yarn needles - metal or plastic
Sewing supplies:
  • sewing machine needles - 90/14 seems to work best but all sizes are needed
  • serger thread - all colors and types
  • fabric - one yard cuts or larger of clothing type fabrics like denim, gabardines etc.
  • hand sewing needles
  • all types of fasteners - velcro, buttons, zippers, snaps, draw strings etc.
  • interfacing - fusibles light to mid-weight
  • pattern books/catalogs
  • unused patterns for garments like skirts, pants, tops,jackets, home dec... SIMPLE
  • lining - light weight in one yard cuts or larger
  • rotary cutting supplies
  • sewing related magazines and books
  • pattern making paper
  • pillow forms
All of these will be put to good use with the thanks of many middle school students.

Let me know here or by email at anjoae at msn dot com if you can help us out.

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