Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Betty Hobo

One of the fabulous women who works on a lot of charity projects has been nicknamed Good Betty.  She is God Betty for many reasons but one is her generous nature.  She quietly works at making many quilt tops every year, mostly from her own stash, that become the backbone of many donations to charities supported by the Quilt Guild.

At a sew-in a week or so ago she came in with a really cute Hobo style bag that she had made in a class.  She was uphappy with the construction but happy with the results as the bag held a lot and was comfortable to wear.

I asked to see the pattern and the other day she gave it to me.  She does not want it back, I think, because she had such trouble wth the construction.

Here's what I came up with:

I used double faced, pre-quilted fabric that I purchased many years ago for a coat project that never happened.  One side is that wonderful floral and the other is polka dots.  I left the interior seams unfinished due to impatience but I can always go back to finish them off at a later date.  I found some ribbon to bind the edges of the pockets and another piece for the zipper fob.  The zipper was from a project that I abandoned  as impossible to complete.

I did not folow the printed instructions as I did not interface, inter-line or do any of the other bits that were avoided by my fabric choice

Thanks Good Betty for a great little purse.

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