Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Betty Hobo - Dimensions etc.

I have had several requests for a pattern for the Betty Hobo.  Here are the basics.

Dimensions - without seam allowances!

Bottom - 8" x 8"
Ends - 8" x 9"
Pockets -  8" x 7"
Sides - 8" wide at the bottom, 16" wide at the top, 9" tall (looks like an upside down pyramid with the point cut off)
Zipper Plackets - 3 1/2" x 16"
Straps - 1 1/4" x 33"
Zipper - at least 16" long

The pattern for the body of the bag (sides, ends and bottom) were all cut as one piece but that is up to you.

My construction steps:

Straps - Cut 4 1/2 " wide, 35" long.  Made by folding the long raw edges to the center of the worng side, folding the whole legth to enclose the raw edges and top stitching both long edges plus one more stitching line down the middle of the straps.

Pockets - Bound the top of the pockets with ribbon.  Attached the bottom of the pocket to the side of the bag about one inch below the bottom edge, pinned the pocket to the sides so that the edges are matching then secured the pocket when the sides of the bag are sewn.

Zipper - attached zipper to the plackets and added topstitching.

Putting it all together - sew up the sides, add the plackets and the straps then sit back, finish off the seams by serging, binding or topstitching and admire your new handbag.

Optional but recommended - a stiff 8" x 8" removable bag bottom to give it some shape and heft.

That's it.

If you don't use double faced pre-quilted fabric the optimal bag should have an outside fabric, fusible fleece attached to the outside fabric (quilt or not the two together), interfacing attached to the lining and lining fabric for a toal for FOUR layers.  Construct the outside and the inside of the body seperately, put the lining inside the exterior then attach the zipper plackets and straps.  A final touch would be to tack the lining to the exterior in several spots to keep it neat and tidy before adding the stiff bag bottom.

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