Monday, May 17, 2010

Women on a Mission

A group I belong to, the Once Upon a Time Bee, is the only quilting Bee I know of that doesn't  quilt.  We sew for all sorts of charities and learn all sorts of techniques for getting these projects completed with the minimum of fuss.

Our project in May was to make ditty bags for Operation Care Package.  The bags will be filled with goodies and sent to our troops overseas.  I have heard that many of these bags make it into the hands of local kids so, even though many of the troops are manly men, more whimsical fabric choices are also acceptable.

In one evening we made about thirty of these simple draw string bags using a pattern from The Creative Thimble.  Here's how they look:
Pink Camo fabric...How cool is that?

Each bag contains a one gallon zip lock bag to protect the contents.  We also addded a calling card sized note from individual members of the Kingwood Area Quilt Guild expressing thanks and encouragment.

Most members of the Guild wrote a card and several took the instructions for making the bag.  I may end up with several more before I send them off to Joliet for distribution.

I love this kind of project as it helps to reduce stash fabrics and allows you to give back to the community. 

I will admit that I am conflicted about the whole 'supporting our troops' mentality of this type of project. 

On the one hand I hate that we, as a country, are fighting a war on terrorism against an enemy without a national identity.  This conflict is essentially un-winable as this is not a country versus country comflict.

On another hand, in the process we might be able to bring peace to a part of the world where, until recently, females of any age were not allowed out of their homes unless accompanied by a male relative. 

In addition, I have known several young men who have gone into the military and I know they will appreaciate our meager contributions to their comfort.

And then there is the young British Ranger I heard a while ago saying that it is all well and good to support the troops but to do so you must also embrace their conviction that these wars are necessary.

Unfortunately the world is not black and white and while I may be conflicted, I do hope that these bags will bring joy and comfort to someone.  After all, isn't that what charity is all about?

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Janetta said...

expressed well, and my sentiments exactly.

The bags were fun to make. I'd love to find more time to make more...