Wednesday, May 19, 2010

On the Road

Things I have seen while driving hither and yon lately:
  • Car being chased by the police with a white powder streaming out of one of its windows.  Ash tray cleaning or something more sinister? 
  • Big, honking SUV with a memorial to a dead boy on its back window that included a picture, the dates of his life and 'In Memoriam", all on a clear plastic panel. It creeped me out.
  • Bikes loaded on the top of a car with the bike wheels spinning in the wind.  I wonder if they had any idea that the wheels were supposed to be locked down as well.
  • Big, honking pick up truck so covered in mud that the windshield wipers couldn't clean the windshield even though the window cleaning liquid was splattering the mud all over the passing cars.
  • Debris in the road... bags of cement, concrete blocks, a ladder, several five gallon buckets and other construction stuff over five miles of road way.  Then a construction company truck on the side of the road with a puzzled driver trying to figure out why the truck bed was empty.  I waved at him.
  • While at a stop light with the dogs in the back barking at a dog in another car.  The other car had its windows open and promptly closed them when they realised my guys were barking at their guy.  Did they think Alex was going to jump through my closed window and get their dog?

And my final one:
  • People texting on their phones being physically incapable of turning on their turn signals while cruising in and out of traffic at 70+ miles an hour.  Grrrrr!

I hope your week is going well.  I am off to see the dermatologist about my spongiotta dermatitis tomorrow to see what I can do about keeping the itch away.  Please no more treatments using things with the feel of vaseline or Crisco!!!!!!!!  

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heather fish said...

That made me laugh... not your dermatology issues but all the things you've seen!