Sunday, May 16, 2010

Canadian Socks

I finished a pair of wooly socks the other day that seem perfect of wearing under snow boots, so they are going to Canada.

You know who you are so they will not be a surprise and here is a bonus picture preview:
It seems that every other pair of socks that I knit are plain and simple and then I will do one that is a little bit more challenging.

This pair is the challenging pair.

These socks have an invisible cast on so that the top of the sock is a double thickness for durabilty.  I also tried to do a picot edge on the top of the sock and, although I did get the edge to look like a picot,  it doesn't look as interesting as I had hoped.

The yarn is from Lana Grossa and is made in Italy of virgin wool (80%) and polyamide (20%).  I though there might a problem with washing them but they came out just fine even after being put through the dryer.

I love this type of yarn as the dyed colors create such lovely patterns.  I didn't even try to match the stripe pattern from one sock to another but they came out quite close to each other... only about 10 - 15 knitted rows off....a complete surprise.

I hope your week will go well... lots of sun in the north, lots of rain in the south and may it warm up in Britain so my cousin can enjoy her new home with the windows open and the furnace off.

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Janetta said...

love them!

(can you tell I am catching up on your blog?)