Saturday, May 15, 2010

Yarn Twirler

No not me, my latest tool to make knitting easier for me.  My most favroite tool continues to be the Knit Kit but coming on strong is my Yarn Twirler.

Here it is in action:
A member of the Kingwood Yarn it! Darn it! group saw one at a craft fair and asked her husband to make her one.  The rest is history.

Essentially it is a dowel that goes through the center of your ball of yarn and, as you knit, your ball of yarns spins around.

It add a little bit of tension to your yarn which helps in keeping consistent tension in your project and it allows you to feed your yarn from the outside of the ball.

Truly a great tool. 

Another bonus is that Alex and the Girls are completely disinterested in my yarn when they are on this Twirler.  I don't know why but they completely ignore them.

Of course, a Yarn Twirler deserves its own bag ...

The fabric was from my stash of cute fabrics that I have no idea how I will use it and the cord is something I bought 6 - 7 years ago.  All this time I thought it was leather braided into a cord until I worked with it last night and found out it was plastic.

No more rain today... Yeah!

Here's hoping it dries out enough over night that the Dachshund meet-up tomorrow won't be in a sea of mud.  I can only hope.

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