Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Another Bad Dog Toy

I was in Target this afternoon and found what I thought would be good chew toys for Kimora and Alex. Alex, as you know, is a huge chewer while Kimora chews, I think, just because Alex does.

I bought two different chew toys by Petstages. They were both advertised for Power Chewers. One was a mini Orka, and the other a mini Barbell Chew. Both boasted of many hours of chewing pleasure.

Pure puffery.

Within two hours both were down to such small bits that I had to get out the vaccum cleaner in order to clean up the mess.

I got each of them for about $4.00 each while Amazon has one for $7 and the other for $2. I don;t understand the pricing but more than $0.10 would be too much.

I wonder if Alex will need a stomach pump to get any random bits out of his gut? I hope not!

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