Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Best Dog Toy - Not!

In my never ending quest to find a dog toy that Alex can and I can both enjoy I stopped at the Woof Pet Bakery today while in Old Town Spring. The fresh baked treats are excellent but their small selection of dog tested toys really caught my attention.

One in particular toy seemed right on the money. It was called a Hard Core Firehouse Dog Toy and they are made out of real fire hoses. If real fire hoses can put up with houndreds of pounds of water pressure I was sure that they could stand up to Alex's attention.

I am so stupid! Even if I could not make it squeak, that does not mean there is not a squeaker in it... and you know how much my mutt loves squeaky toys. If you don't know, see my rant to toyota contained in this post.

Within half an hour it began to come apart.

Here's Alex tryng to hide his toy from me before he could make a bigger mess.
Within an hour I found the remains of this new toy.
...with the squeaker in pieces.

I feel like gathering up all the bits and pieces and taking them back to the store... not to get a refund but to show them what my little demon has done with a supposedly indestructable toy.

Next try will be a tennis ball toy with a fleece braid strung through it. A friend with two Lab puppies bught two of them and I am awaiting her evaluation before I spend another nickel on a new toy for Alex. I'm not holding out much hope as Alex hasbeen known to destroy tennis ball as quickly as he has destroyed my other toy efforts... about 30 minutes if I am lucky.

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Did you take it back?