Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Heart Quilt Block

Several people have asked about making the quilt shown in this post. I've looked all over the web for good instructions and haven't found any so here's my guidlines for this type of quilting project.

Final size - approx. 18" x 40" finished made up of 3 blocks approx. 12" by 9" plus 2" wide borders.

For each block - one set of twelve squares, six 5"squares of one color/value for the heart and six 5" squares of a contrasting color/value for the background. I used a pre-cut packet from Moda of 5" squares.

Using four of each set of fabrics, create eight half square triangle blocks, trimmed to approx. 4 1/2" square each. Great tutorial here.

Trim the remaining four full squares to 4 1/2".

The block is a 4 squares wide and three squares tall.

Lay out the block as follows -

Row One - four half square triangles laid out like the top of a heart - one slanted to the right, one to the left, one to the right and one to the left

Row Two - two half square triangles and two full squares of the heart fabric - one slanted to the left, two plain squares, one slanted to the right

Row Three - 2 full squares of background fabric, 2 half square triangles - one full background square, one slanted to the left, one slanted ot the right and one full background square

Make three blocks and lay them out as desired.

Finish with two inch (finished) borders. I used left over Jelly Roll strips.

Have a great time!

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