Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sharing Saturday

This has been an interesting day at Alice's House today.

First of all I turned on the television this morning to catch the weather report and there was a commercial on from Toyota about fuel efficiency. You may have seen it. A couple drives around town squeaking a variety of dog toys trying to find their dog. Their dog just ignores them. Alex on the other hand went crazy. It took him about twenty minutes to realize that there was no squeaky toy hidden in the television set but not before he got stuck behind it.

Hear me Toyota.

I will never buy one of your cars until someone from one of your dealerships comes to my house and puts back all the furniture I had to move to get Alex unstuck from behind the television stand. He got in behind it but couldn't get back out. Not a pretty sight.

Then I decided that it was cool enough to take the dogs on a couple of errands with me including a stop at the pet store. When I know the pet store will be on our route I make sure the dogs have their leashes on for the the whole trip. All went well until the final leg of our trip. As I pulled onto our street Alex let out a scream. I pulled onto the side of the street, put on my blinkers and got out to see what was happening. I opened the back door of the car and found him completely tied up in his leash so that his leg was all twisted up.

While I am trying to untwist him and avoid him trying to help, Kelis and Kimora decided it was time to go walk about. Fortunately the other cars driving by in both directions stopped when they saw my predicament and tried to corral the potential escapees. The Girls were so surprised that their intentions were so transparent that they hopped back into the car on their own.

No damage to Alex but I have learned a lesson about leashes in the car. Though a pain, no leashes until our destinaton, then I wil put the leashes on the dogs and remove them once we get back in the car.

The icing on the cake was that I was working on a sewing project and I looked up and thought I saw the most disgusting spider I have ever seen in my life. It was gross. Here's a quick shot of it from my phone:

Before I squished it I realized it was my latest attempt at the spider for the Kingwood Library quilt. I think its much better than my first attempt and much more realistic. On to the cicada, my other bug.

I hope your weekend has been quieter than mine!

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