Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Korean Patchwork

Korea has a long history of patchwork, however it appears to still be a much ignored domestic art. Pojabi (Korean wrapping cloths) are made from fabric scraps and used to wrapgifts and other items. When my brother, who has been in South Korea this past year, asked his Korean colleagues about getting one for me they could not understand why someone would want such a humble object.

Not discouraged, my brother then went to a museum in Seoul (maybe this one?) to look for wrapping cloths to purchase and came up with two very American looking patchwork embellished examples of Jogakbo (Korean Patchwork). Both appear to be made of traditional log cabin blocks, but on closer inspection there is a wonderful randomness in the width of the fabrics and the placement of the colors.

This is a small table mat that appears to be made out of heavy weight cottons.

This is a reversible scarf made out of silks.

Both examples are beautifully made and seem typical of Korean Patchwork.
Not exactly wrapping cloths as they are definitely decorative rather than functional but I do love them both and hope to wear the scarf soon to the envy of all my friends.

BTW, Little Brother is on this side of the Pacific for about a month and spent last weekend wth me. It was strange to have someone in my home who has many mannerisims that were my father's... heck he even uses some of the same phrases and tone of voice that used to drive me crazy. We are definitely our parents' children!

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Sherry Ann said...

Now that I have seen Korean Patchwork...I am extremely fascinated by it.I love the items featured on your blog.

Until 20ll I had never heard or known that it even existed. Christina Kim, of Dosa Inc., in Los Angeles, CA used some of my mother's African American patchwork to create a shawl which had two sides to it...one to represent American patchwork and the other to represent Korean patchwork...Kristina is Korean. The shawl was commissioned by First Lady Michelle Obama to be presented as a present to the First Lady of Korea this past October, when the President of Korea visited the White House. I invite you to visit our blog at www.quiltstoriesbysherryann.blogspot.com to read about the excitement. My Mom, Laverne Brackens, was awarded a NEA Fellowship Award for 2011.

Korean Patchwork and African American M-provisational Patchwork come very close to passing as sister artworks...AMAZING!!!