Monday, July 13, 2009

Babies and Bears Sweater

Way back in April, I wrote about my troubles with the Babies and Bears Sweater for Grown-Ups that I had seamed up the back with the upper left neckline attached to the lower right bottom. I finally got all of my Kitchener Stitching undone and re-did the back center seam. It looks even worse now than it did before... like shredded wool mushed together up the back.


it is now done... buttons were added and it actually fits.. not perfectly but pretty close so I could actually wear it out and about as long as no-one sees the back it should work.

Here it is with the cute little buttons.. sideways for some reason.....

And the back of the sweater with the ugly center back seam... also sideways.

Another UFO off the pile and into the rotation for when ever it turns cool enough here to wear a sweater.

This sweater was a breeze to knit. It is knit in two pieces starting from the cuffs and ending in the center back. You then close up the back seam and add about 10 rows of knitting around the bottom, up the front and around the neck. The sleeves are done in stockinette stitch while the body is done in garter stitch which makes it all very easy.

I used very inexpensive Wool Ease yarn from Lion Brand and it was on sale when I bought it. The only difficulty was getting enough balls of the same dye lot which I solved by going for the two tone look. It washes like a breeze so this may end being a go to jacket in cooler weather.

The only thing I would change next time, is to go for a size or two larger because I think it work better as a slouchy swearer rather than a fitted one.
The pattern was well written and well illustrated. I picked up another one of theirs called Kyler's Kardigan which includes all sizes from a size 2 child to an extra-large adult size. Its also done mostly in garter stitch and looks like a easy knit as well. Twisted Yarns in having a big sale this week so I just may have to go over there and pick up some fancy yarn for this sweater or for another try at the Babies and Bears Sweater for Adults.

If you see Cottage Creations patterns in your local yarn shop, pick up one of their patterns. I think you will enjoy the style and have good results.

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