Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I was watching an old movie the other night and began to yearn for the good old days of air travel. When I first travelled by air, luggage allowances were not even considered, you dressed up for the trip, they gave out chewing gum to help with the air pressure changes and there was a lot of leg and butt room in the seats.

Now you worry about carrying too much stuff, wear your most comfortable clothing, carry on your own food and drinks and hope that the person next to you is very small and that the person in front of you does not want to take a nap.

And let us not forget all the security procedures. Oh, how I long for the days when you showed someone your ticket and walked onto the plane. Now you run a security gauntlet that may have stopped some terrorist attempts but I am not a terrorist so why waste time on screening me when the real bad guys are more clever than most of the TSA staff I have met.

Air travel has become such a chore that I want to avoid it when ever I can. I'd rather drive a couple of thousand miles than subject myself to another tortured flight.

I could make an exception, however, if I had fabulous luggage that would make the TSA and all my fellow travellers green with envy. I found the Saddleback Leather site earlier and I want whatever they are selling. Hop over and see their very basic, simply cafted, all leather luggage and accessories. No fancy logos, no extra comparments, no weird colors... just basic leather luggage.

While everyone else at the check-in desk or at the security screening is having their black cordura nylon bags examined, how cool would it be to put one of these naturally aged pieces on the conveyor belt. Even if you are flying coach you would feel very first class.

In these economic times spending a small fortune on luggage is a bit of an extravagence but I wish I knew about these guys when I was flying almost every week for business. Guaranteed for one hundred years I would have saved a lot on on luggage and other travel items that fell apart after only 20 or 30 trips.

And doesn't it seem that if you are carrying any of Saddleback's items that you would meet a tall, dark, mysterious secret agent in the next seat rather than the fat, sweaty guy who is usually there?

One can dream.

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