Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mini Miranda Day Bag

The April (yes, that's right April!) tote bag project from Stitchin' Heaven was the Mini Miranda Day Bag. When it came in the mail I immeadiately took an un-natural dislike to the fabrics sent. I don't know why but I just couldn't see myself working with another Art Decoish, abstract floral in light blue. I went over to one of the local quilt stores (The Quilt Room in Huffman) and, after scouring their clearance bolts, came up with another light blue but this time in a homespun type plaid and striped fabrics.
I decided to make a couple of changes to the pattern. I added iron-on vinyl to the base so that I wouldn't end up soiling the bag when resting it on the floor and added a zipper closure for security. I did add the flap closure but turned it into something purely decorative by adding some buttons I had hanging aorund here to keep it from flapping about when the tote is in use.

I also made a huge mistake in cutting the base fabric. Some how my pea brain did not notice that the grid marked on the paper backing of the iron-on vinyl was marked in centimeters and not inches. I cut the vinyl, the fabric and the fusible fleece (instead of batting and interfacing) based on the markings on the vinyl backing. Needless to say sixteen centimeters does not equal sixteen inches. When I discovered my error I was into the final assembly process, threw up my hands in disgust and chucked it all into the endless UFO pile I have been breeeding here.
Today was the day to get it finished up after getting more fabric for the base. I couldn't seem to find the pattern but I think I made a tolerable Mini Miranda. What do you think?
Here is the zipper closure I added at the last minute. I have seen something like this on a friend's bags and what I like about the process is that you can add a zipper this way even after a bag is made. Essentially you choose a zipper that is a couple of inches longer than the opening, add tabs to both ends, add fabric extensions to each side then sew the extensions onto the interior sides of the bag. In about ten minutes you can add a zipper to an open bag and know that you stuff will not fall out of your bag. Pretty cool idea Pat!

Here's the interior. I did add the pockets as shown in the pattern and did not add a hanging cell phone pocket. Who know my likes and dislikes in a tote bag could change so quickly. Now I don't add pockets and do add a hanging cell phone pocket.

I hope your weekend is going well and that none of your projects end up in the UFO pile.

Stay cool!

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