Thursday, March 19, 2009

Minty Fresh

While searching through some old fabric the other day a Listerine 'Lister Mist' breath freshener spray thingy fell out on the floor. I tried to get it to work a couple of times with no luck and assumed it was empty. I then examined it closely to see of there was a way it could be used for something else. While looking closely I pressed the little sprayer again.

Yup... you are right.

I now have minty fresh eyes!

There is a big warning on it to not spray in your eyes with a dead 800 number and a dead website referenced on the label if the consumer needs help.

How old is this stuff any way?

After about 10 minutes of real discomfort and a couple of eye washes, I have once again vowed to read and FOLLOW all warnings on products.

What's that old commercial ... Too soon old, too late smart.... I think they were talking about me.

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heather fish said...

Once I had a small incision on the side of my nose split open. Well, I figured, the ER uses superglue, I will superglue it shut. You know where on the superglue package it says not to get it near your eyes? Well, I thought, it was not dangerously close to getting IN My eyes. Yeesh. The vapors made my eyes sting & water... I could not open them for a full 10 minutes. And, I'm an RN. Scary, eh?!