Thursday, March 19, 2009

Log Cabin Hidden Stars - Finished

A couple of weeks ago I participated in a day wth friends working through a quilt made out of Moda Jelly Rolls. It took a while but I finally pieced together a backing and got the dang thing quilted. What do you think?
I did the quilting my self as I am too cheap to have someone else do it. That's not entirely true. I think I really don't have others do my quilting because I am afraid they will find all my errors and missed seams. I am angry enough when I find these kinds of issues so I can only imagine how a professional would feel about have a quilt all set up only to have seams pop or to discover that its not really straight.

For this quilt I quilted all the big straight seams between the blocks with 'quilting in the ditch'. I then went back and did big loppy thingys in the middle of each block to make sure everything was properly secured. I once saw a quilt that had been professionally quilted that way and realised that any inconsistencies between the blocks sizes could be ignored by only only securing the edges of the blocks and any fullness remianing in the interior of the block could be eased into submission by loopy quilting in the middle of the blocks.

I really like this quilt and I know that Alex and the girls like it as well. While it was cold and rainy here for a few days I applied the binding by hand and the dogs had a great time trying to stay under the quilt while I kept moving to a new part of the edge. It was pretty funny as in the end I had a pile of puppies in my lap so high that I could rest my arms on them while I secured the binding. As long as they were warm I don't think they minded at all.

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