Monday, March 16, 2009

Four Seasons Swap

Months ago I signed up for the latest version of the Four Seasons Doll Quilt Swap. I had missed out on the last round so I was eager to get in on the next round. This round, the fifth, is based on a partner chosing a set of colors and a season to be created. I received a lovely, twirly, leafy quit. And was eager to get my contribution into the mail.
There was just one little problem.

After a couple of months of gathering brown fabrics, picking a title ('Hunkering Down'), laying out the intentionally slightly wonky blocks, quilting it, adding a label and a hanging sleeve I went to look up the address of the intended recipient. I went to the notification e-mail and noticed that the recipient DOES NOT LIKE BROWN AND HAD ASKED FOR SOFT GOLDEN ORANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How could I have missed that essential fact!

Back to the drawing board.

As the deadline was coming up quickly I fell back on my favroite type of quilt.... Ricky Tims' Covergence Quilts. I love this book and I have slowly been working my way through each of the quilts. I decided to fall back on my personal favorite that uses just two fabrics. Once that choice was made I went hunting for soft oranges. I quilted it with a wonderful variagated thread from YLI in a pattern like a blowing wind with child-like leaves blowing around. This is how it all came out:
I call it 'Whoosh' as in whooshing winds and leaves on a sunny day. I hope my partner likes it. I did enjoy working under a tight deadline but next time, if there is ever a next time, I MUST recheck the requirements e-mail many, many times to ensure I don't go off on the wrong track.

The brown autumn quilt? It's slightly wonky log cabin town on top of harvested fields makes me smile. I think I will keep it and hang it right near my sewing machine to remind me of this small debacle. Here's how it came out:
This week must be better. After four solid days of rain and cold weather I am so looking forward to opening the windows and enjoy a warm breeze. I might actually get a quilt quilted. Have a good week!

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gwensmom said...

I got it and I LOVE it! You read me perfectly. The quilting is so imaginative- this pic doesn't do it justice. I will blog it soon- probably tomorrow.

Thanks so much Alice!