Friday, February 6, 2009

A Strange Week

Theoretically a week is seven days but in this case I am calling it quits on this week right now.

From the depths of depression on Sunday afternoon (you don't want to know) to the high from a class I gave this afternoon this whole week has been a bunch of ups and downs. So here's what I am going to do... the week is over and I get to start fresh tomorrow. I know Saturday is not typically the beginning of the week for most of us (sorry Ms. M.) but I need to put away the bad stuff and relish all the good stuff.

I taught a great sewing class, introduced some friends to knitting, received a 'Heartfelt Thanks' from the Quilt Guild, participated in two middle school knitting club meetings, worte a pretty good post on making pillowcases, taught a fun bead class at YesPrep, got some Fish Pond stuff out of the house and recieved a cute 'Devil Doxie' figurine in appreciation from ASG.

Of course this was inter-twined with a bunch of CRAP but I don't care. I have a challenge project to finish, a doll quilt to make, another quilt to get borders on and some great 'new to me' fabric to sort and store. My name may not be Pollyanna and I may not wear rose colored glasses but I can't let a small part of the world drag me down.

Have a great weekend. I will.


heather fish said...

Have a great start to the week... may next week be better than the one you just finished!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you for being a part of my week! The time I spent with you this morning was wonderful! :) You are great...don't let the beeatches get you down!


Sue said...

Good for you. I like the idea of just ending a bad week before it goes on too long. I think I'll try that from now on.