Thursday, February 5, 2009

Three Times Longer

I was in Petsmart today picking up Greenies for the crew when I saw a cute Loofa style toy that said it would last three times longer than other Loofa style toys. Since I had a coupon I thought I would try it out. The last Loofa style toy I bought for Alex lasted about fifteen minutes so anything that lasts more than that is not a bad buy in my book. Well, its about nine hours later and that thing is still, more or less, intact.

Here's the link to the product at Petsmart. I got the one that looks like a cow.

Here's what it looks like now:

The head is empty of stuffing, so is the butt and the legs. The ears, horns and tail are gone. The rough stuff on the outside of the body and the little black heart shaped spots that made this such a cute toy are scattered all over the house.

This toy gets a qualified thumbs up. It has lasted but I had to disembowel it a lttle while ago to remove the squeaker thing before Alex could find it. I did put all the stuffing back, and then some, so he should stay amused for a couple of more hours tomorrow.

I just wish these doggie toys were more durable without sqeakers!


Dot O said...

Poor thing - it didn't stand a chance. I've long since given up on finding a toy that could endure my dog. However, I did find one thing at an outdoor flea market. It's made of that lumpy fluffy stuff (forget what it's called) and is shaped like a frisbee with no stuffing in it. The woman who sold it to me guaranteed it would last and it has, now about a year later. They can chew and chew but nothing really happens to it and there are no "guts".

Even the store bought guaranteed "Tuff Toy" lasted only 2-3 hours before being totally destroyed.

Sue said...

I wish they'd make dog toys without squeakers. I think they'd last longer. My guys all see it as a challenge to de-squeak the new toys as fast as possible.