Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Sew Sew Project

One of the things I wanted to get done this weekend was a challenge project for the 'Seams Possible' neighborhood group. Last year we were each given an inexpensive floral print to use as inspiration for a project. The project is due Tuesday and, of course, I left things until the last minute. Here is the picture I am to use as my inspiration:

This first thing I noticed about the picture is that the tulips were a color I did not recognize and that they were sagging in a most un-natural manner. My first idea was to make a skirt the color of the tulips using a pattern called, appropriately enough, The Tulip Skirt. The pattern was in one of the Japanese sewing books I have. When I realized how many adjustments I would need to fit my non-Asian form I decided to find something else to fulfill the challenge.

Until yesterday, I did not know what my other idea would be. Then I found a pattern in the loot I have been collectiing for the KAQG Quilt Show. The pattern is called the "No-Sag-Bag", published in 1983 by Cloth and Sew On based in Ontario, Oregon. I have been unable to Google the pattern or the company but, then again, after 25 years that should not suprise me. My thought was I would correct the sagging tulips and make a bag out of them. I didn't say it was a brilliant idea.

What makes this pattern unique to me is that a center pocket is incorporated into the structure of the bag so that it really can't sag.

Here's a shot of the pattern packet and its one pattern piece:

And here's what I came up with:

As you can see I have a few problems. The hand dyed fabric I found in the stash is a good color match but there was not enough of it to make the bag as shown in the pattern. I rescaled the pattern to fit the amount of fabric available. When I rescaled the pattern I did not leave certain bits at the original size like the seam allowances for the zipper and the sides of the bag thus the pathetic article shown above.

I may try this bag again because it really is a clever bag design. I just need to get it done quickly so I can return it to the Fish Pond items.


Anonymous said...

Love the color, hope you can salvage it (I know you can!)


Sue said...

Let us see it when you finish. I really like the color and think it will turn out nicely.

Anonymous said...

I have been looking for the 'no sag bag' pattern and can't find it anywhere.
Do you have it???

Sudbury, ON

Alice said...

@Kay - so sorry but I do not have the pattern any more. If I come across another one I'll let you know!