Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Tale of The Pink Leather Gloves

As many of you know, Alex, loves chasing his rubber balls. My son got him a red rubber kong ball and it was love at first sight. He cannot stay still while the red ball is anywhere on the property. He is either chasing it, licking it, chewing it or chasing it as long as its around. He is especially adept at rolling the ball under the couch. He then whines and crys and struggles to flatten himslef out to retrieve the ball. I, also known as the Lady of the Long Arms, will eventually stop what I am doing and retireve it for him. Sometimes it takes all of three minutes for him to push it back under the couch.

Sometimes I get very weary of it all and I will hide the ball from him. Cruel, but my boney knees really hate the ceramic tile floor. Even when hidden in a drawer with red pepper sauce wiped on the handle, the red ball calls to Alex and he wil cry and whine until I distract him with food or a walk.

So much for background... here are the details of the Pink Leather Gloves.

One day last week I had hidden the red ball in the drawer with the red pepper sauce on the handle. The sauce was to hide the smell in hope that he would not smell out the ball. It was time for bed and although I had already put the Girls to bed he was still cryng by the drawer. The poor guy had bags under his eyes he was so tired. I went to pick him up and he tried to bite my hand. I tried again and he tried agan.

This was getting serious, he was so obsessed that he was getting this crazed, ferral look in hs eye. I thought I could calm him down and get him to bed if I could pick him up, tickle his belly and carry him to bed. I was afraid he might try another nip at my hand so I went for the first gloves I could find. I put them on and as I approached him he went total passive, crawling on his belly to me in abject sorrow. I picked him up, tickled his belly, told him I loved him and put him to bed.

Since then, the gloves have been sitting on an end table and every time he sees them he becomes completely passive crawling on his belly asking forgiveness . . . . from the gloves!.

So that is the tale of the Pink Leather Gloves. I don't know why they make him so passive because I can't believe the his previous owner would have hurt him with pink gloves but you never know. Anyway, here is a picture of them with the object of his affection.
I hope your week has been going well and the cool down around the country has reached your neck of the woods. I know I am ready for jeans and sweater weather!

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Anonymous said...

OMG, those are the pink leather gloves that I covet! How absolutely hilarious that they turn Alex into mush. Those gloves have tremendous power! (Linda B.)