Friday, October 17, 2008

DROH Stuff

Dachshund Rescue of Houston (DROH) is havng their Halloweiner party next Sunday. I will be unable to go and will truly miss the sight of 50 or so costumed Dachshunds amusing their humans. For pictures of last year's pretties see here. (Alex is the third one down in the second column.) The problem with the timing is that I will be enjoying the quilt market that day with friends and just can't see myself giving that up.

Anyway, part of the Halloweiner festivities is a silent auction. I scored big at the spring one and wanted to give back this time. I decided to make a little package of items for a day out with your best doggie. First off there is a teal nylon leash, then a large tote bag and a small accessories bag. There will also be a gift certificate to PetSmart so the winner can choose appropriate treats. All the fabric and webbing came from jcaroline creatives including the great Dachshund ribbon trim. Cute, right?

The downside of all this is that I now own many. many yards of teal webbing for many more leashes. I got a 50 yard spool for $0.50 a yard and just couldn't pass it up. I think Alex and the girls will have teal leashes for the rest of their lives!

Have a good weekend!

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