Monday, September 1, 2008

Red Scarf Project

The Orphan Foundation of America has put out the call again this year for red scarves. These are distributed for St. Valentine's Day to orphans as an encouragment to continue pursuing their dreams. It must be hard, after high school, to head out into post-secondary education without any parental support. Not because you have had a falling out with your parents or there are other family trouble but because your parents don't exist. I can't imagine it.

Anyway, last year I used some beige wool and dyed it red with Kool Aid. This year, I think I will take the easy way out and buy red wool. I do think I will use the Yarn Harlot pattern I used last year as it was easy to keep track of where you are in the pattern. I see I finished it by the end of September but that was after a solid week sitting at my Dad's hospital bedside when he was recovering from his stroke. This year, that solid knitting time will need to wait until October when I visit him for a week at his long term care facility.

If you really like to knit for others I just read about a project sponsored by Carol Anderson of Cottage Creations knitting patterns. She is asking for mittens, caps, scarves, afghans, prayer shawls, baby blankets, dish cloths, socks, and sweaters for infants, children and adults affected by the Iowa floods. My favorite yarn store is gathering items so I am sure your local yarn shop is as well.

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Junie Moon said...

Thank you for sharing this project. I just finished a scarf for the Special Olympics and am a third of the way through knitting one for veterans. I'll add the red scarf effort to my list.