Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sew Crafty Houston

I dropped by Sew Crafty Houston today to drop off my Morsbags for their charity sewing effort. They are giving the bags to a local shelter for their clients and to a local food bank. Both receivers seem like great places with clients who can really use these bags.

I must have spent over an hour there just chatting with Sarah. The place is so energizing and, even though it was realtively quiet, you could feel the creativity oozing out of the walls. I got a chance to see the projects for the Kids Can Sew classes she will be hosting this year. These kids will be able to make whole outfits by the time they are finished with the classes. Even the very first project (a notions bag and a supplies bag) teaches usable skills, besides just sewing straight lines.

I also got a chace to see a Gocco unit and what it can do. I have been intrigued by these mini silk screen machines and will probably take a class there to learn more about it. The size of the screens is about 7" x 5" so you are limited in size but I think the toughest part will be deciding what to print rather than worrying about size restrictions.

I followed up with lunch at Niko Niko's before heading home for grocery shopping and a nap. What a great day to spend a Saturday - sharing a love of sewing, eating fun food and napping through a horror movie. I wonder if I will get the incentive to get that trim painted before Gustav raises his ugly head? You never know :-)

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Sarah said...

Mmmmm Niko Nikos!! I love that place!

Thanks for coming by today - I had a blast hanging out with you!