Tuesday, September 2, 2008

In the Mail

Today I got a woderful surprise in the mail. I received my Doll Quilt Swap IV quilt from Lynn. Isn't it wonderful!

Not only does it have wonderful colors but it was hand quilted. She mentioned in her note that there were a couple of errors. I don't see them but then again, if we were all perfect we would all be God and she hasn't given up her job yet. Lynn also included a couple of fat quarters. The red one is a wonderful flannel, perfect for Operation Care Package stockings. The other is a lovely cotton from Moda with Dachshunds (the ones in blue sweaters) on it. Not sure what I will do with it but I don't think it will age a long time in my stash before being used. She also included a couple of gourmet chocolate bars. They are now in my fridge as they had started to melt in our heat before I got the package inside. They will not last long once they firm up a bit.

Thanks Lynn!

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mamalife said...

"SHE hasn't given up HER job yet" - right on!