Thursday, August 21, 2008


I have having an anxiety attack due to a change in my immeadate family. I have always felt that I was the unconventional one in our family. I married a foreigner, I moved to another country and then I moved someplace where no-one in my family could get to me in less than a day of travel. I don't think anyone ever understood my job or why I travelled as much as I did. There are other reasons why I have felt like the odd one but they are not for public distribution. Why they are relevant today is that my family dynamic will be changing dramatically in the next twenty-four hours and I am not the cause of it.

My younger brother, formerly the ugliest baby in the world, who has been unemployed for over a year, is moving to South Korea to teach English in a school there. Mr. Controller is steppng onto a series of planes and ending up in the land of Kim Chee, phonetic writing and strict social rules. My anxiety comes from the fact that, although he has an artisitic soul, he likes order in his world and I hope he will be able to successively navigate such a different culture.

On the other hand, I envy him more than I could tell you. My son is from South Korea and, as he came here when he was eight years old, he told us many things about his life there - all of which I would like to experiene. South Korea has some of the best cotton mills in the world and I know I could spend my complete net worth on it without satisfying my fabric lust. Except for Kim Chee (a spicey, pickeled cabbage that has been called 'the world's most effective birth control'), I love the food, the celadon pottery is magnificant and the traditonal dress in beautiful on everyone.

So, Bon Voyage Dave. We will sort ourselves out without you. Although you will be on the other side of the world know that my best thoughts go with you and remember... I want lots and lots and lots of pictures!


Junie Moon said...

Life changes, good or bad, do bring stress and concerns. Sometimes it's good to step outside our normal routines and experience other challenges, but it's not always easy. This will be a wonderful opportunity for your brother as well as a new outlet for celebrating your son's cultural heritage.

Andee said...

I lived in Korea for about six months during the Gulf War...the people were very friendly to us even though we couldn't speak each other's languages. We were not far from Seoul and the air quality and amount of traffic were shocking, but I would go back again if I could! Best of luck to your brother!

mamalife said...

Any chance you and your son could plan a visit to your brother during his time there? What a tremendous trip that would be!