Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I have lied to you. Yes, your online correspondent has been watching the Olympics during almost every waking hour since the opening ceremonies, BUT I have also been cleaning up some projects as well.

First of all, I found instructons for making a thingy to cook baked potatoes in the microwave. It uses a fat quater of fabric and about 9" x 21 in batting. Cut the fabric into two pieces about 9" x 21". Put the pieces right side together on top of the batting. Sew up the short ends only and turn so that both fabric pieces are right side out. Top stitch both ends, lap the ends over each other, sew up the sides, turn the raw edges into the interior and voila you are now ready to bake. Wrap a potato in a paper towel, heat in the mricowave for about eight minutes and enjoy! You can also use this to heat tortillas or buns in the microwave or use it to serve these items at the table. Here's my rendition with my potato for supper.
I have also been cutting up and sewing Bath Towels into things to wrap your hair up in after a shower. You can get two out of each bath towel. Here's mine which I have already used and love. I don't have the pattern in an electronic format but I am searching for one. The person who demoed it for us at the Kingwood Neighborhood meeting of the Houston ASG Chapter calls it a Twirly Towel - a very apt name.
Also, I have finally finished a new bog coat. I started off planning to make one from some silk yardage I had the I had died orange and green. I also used some stencils with some spray bottles of dye. I should have left well enough alone. I ended up ruining the sleeves so came up with using it as a lining for a piece of fabric I have add in the stash for many years. I still have a couple of tweaks to do to it but I love the colors for the winter here.
Not as busy finishing things as I have been in the past but when I can't take being glued to the TV set I have been trying to work through a kntting project. Its called the Ballet Camisole and I found it here on Ravelry. Its not so much that I need another sleeveless top but I need to practice more on knitting evenly before taking on anything more challenging. I just finished the decreases for the waist. Next up, I will be knitting evenly before the increases needed for the bustline. I am using a yarn caled Hempathy made out of 34% Hemp, 41% cotton and 25% Model. I think it will be great under the bog coat or over a crisp white shirt this winter.
What have you been working on during the games?

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