Thursday, August 14, 2008

Meet Kimora

Alex is always in the spotlight and Kelis got her day on the blog so now its Kimora's turn. In fact, that is how it is around here most of the time. Kelis is always insertng herself into my vision and Alex is always there... within inches of where I am. Kimora, on the other hand just hopes you notice her. She is very submissive except when it comes to treats and food - then she lectures me unceasingly until I feed her hunger. Its actually quite funny. I will call them to eat and Kimora walks just ahead of me lecturing me on how I am not fast enough and that no-one desires treats or food more than she does. She will even steal edibles from Kelis... and Kelis lets her! That's partly why she is the biggest of the bunch at sixteen pounds. She really is a big girl but the vet tells me she is not overweight just big.

The oddest thing about Kimora is that she lets the others do anything to her.. excessive licking, pseudo sexual stroking and pushing her off the comfy chair. It takes a lot before Kimora will get mad and retaliate. Alex particularly tortures her by denying her a chance to chew the latest toys. Even when presented with multiple squeaky balls, that are exactly identical, Kimora will sit around and moan until Alex looses interest.

She is not a complete wimp. She is the only Dachshund I know that can catch full grown birds. Yes, the sweet and gentle one of the bunch will catch and kill a bird in about a minute. I have to keep my eyes open when she is out and any birds are around. I am thankful she can't catch squirrels. There are so many around here that I would be picking up little bodies all the time.
Here are some cute shots:
Just after she came to live with us:
Exhausted puppies!
If this face doesn't say "I don't want to go out" I don't know what does! t was raining that day and she really hates being in the rain.
Such a soft belly!
This afternoon under my desk - note the uncomfortable postion of her rear leg. It doesn't seem to bother her at all as long as we are near each other.


dogquilter said...

Awww Kimora is a sweetie!! What a precious face. Wilbur says he doesn't like going out in the rain either so Kimora is not alone. :)

Serendipity said...

Kimora is a darling! Hugs to her! I had a dacshund years back. He was the sweetest dog too. I think this is their nature, isn't it?

Paula said...

Oh what sweet pictures!
I love the baby pics today!

Marjie said...

Your baby is a doll! Dachsunds are smart dogs, no doubt; we've had a few. My Thor won't go out in the rain, either, and you try having a 265 pound baby hiding under your chair during a thunderstorm!

Firefly Nights said...

Kimora is so cute. And, re: the bird - don't forget that dachshunds are mightly little hunters.