Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fashion Show

Are you in a rut with your fashion sewing, whether for yourself or for others? I have the cure for you. The American Sewing Sewing Guild conference, this past July, a fashion show. The website has been updated with pictures from the runway show. Check this out. There are about 80 photos so it will take a while to get through but I guarantee you will be inspired. There are articles modeled by several icons of home sewing, (like Shirley Adams) by teenagers in their first show and some wonderful local members with their creations. The best part about this runway show is that a lot of the clothing modeled could be worn by regular folk in thier real lives and not just as costumes for once in a life time events. Even if you don't sew clothing you will be inspired by the fabric manipulation used in many of the garments. Heck, the white 3/4 length style jacket that is embellished by Mondrian style art is fabulous and should inspire many quilts, accesories, paintings and scrapbook pages. (Thanks, Lou!)

During the commercials during the Olympics, watch this show, and be prepared to be dazzled.

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