Sunday, August 10, 2008

Olympics Fever

Before the Olympics started on TV I did not think I would be interested in watching them. After all, I really don't watch sports and the summer games are full of things I know nothing about, like Water Polo, Beach Volleyball, Weightifting or Rowing. Much to my chagrin I have been watching almost every moment I am awake. There are three channels here that show the Olympics and if I don't like the sport on my local NBC affiliate there is always USA or MSNBC. Its kind of like when OJ was in the back of that SUV and the chase was shown on TV. I couldn't turn that off either.

So please excuse my lack of activity for the next 14 days or so. But after the Lightwieght Quads Men's Rowing final, I must see the Archery finals but what about the recap of the Dressage finals from this morning. Decisions, decisions.

Enjoy the games!

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sweetmemorymakingmom said...

Alice, I agree with you. I didn't think I would watch as much Olympics as I have. I am enjoying it thoroughly because it instill a lot of "American Pride," which I don't see much on TV. When the men's relay team won yesterday and Michael Phelps was pumped and excited beyond belief, I got goosebumps. Team France said they were going to Smash the American team. They didn't... Do you know that you can also catch the Olympics on the Oxygen Channel. My husband informed me of this last night. And...thank you for your lesson in French Knots...I hope I can do make them!