Wednesday, August 1, 2007


"Craftivity" is a book by Tsia Carlson that I received the other day from It is a compilation of 40 DIY projects that have been created by 40 different contributors. Some are simple that can be created in an evening from things you may already have on hand while others will take a week or more. Examples of the more simple projects are a string bag crocheted from old plastic grocery bags and sewing your own panties from old t-shirts. More complex projects, like casting your own wacky ceramic teapot, would take a significant investment in time and materials. One of the best parts about the book is its detailed explanations of all the techniques used. For example, the book does not assume you know how to crochet and has detailed, well illustrated instructions on how to crochect. The folk behind this book all have a connection to which is a strange website that looks at the larger craft scene but seems like an inside club. I like the book as it explains a variety of crafty DIY techniques then gives you a couple of cool projects using those techniques. I think it cost me about $13.00 and I can well see it becoming a book I will go to again and again for instruction and inspiration.

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mamalife said...

Not about to start making my own panties from old t-shirts!