Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Crafter's Companion

'The Crafter's Companion', edited by Anna Torborg, is a series of articles about 17 well known crafters. Each article includes answers to these questions: Why do you create?, What inpsires you? and Where do you work?. Each crafter also presents a project that represents not their signature work but something simple that could inspire you to go further.

I loved reading the answers each of the crafters came up with for the questions. For example, one of them lives in a studio apartment where she does all her work... heck I couldn't even fit my fabric stash into a studio apartment ... but she makes beautiful art. I also liked the fact that the crafters live all over the world so the reader gets an international view. I think I am a little bit of voyeur because I was disappointed that only one or two of the crafters had their pictures in their sections. As the articles included blog names or websites, I guess I will need to go look up these people to satisfy my curiosity.

This is a book for those of us who are curious about the crafters represented and it is a pretty good value. I would not recommend it for anyone looking for a how-to book or for in-depth instruction in the crafters' signature styles.

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