Monday, July 30, 2007

Movies, Movies, Movies

I've had a movie marathon lately and thought a couple of reviews would be appropriate.

Norbit - an Eddie Murphy comedy that I knew nothing about before I saw it. Let's just say that if I had known what it was about I probably would not have watched... maybe if I was drunk and befuddled I would have but not stone cold sober. I will say the special effects are incredible as Eddie, once again, plays multiple characters and, in the case of one female character, is completely believable. Definately a pass if you are over 18.

Premonitions - Sandra Bullock plays a wife who has learned her husband has died but wakes up the next day with him next to her in bed. The premise is pretty good and well executed though the ending seemed a little bit of a bummer. I liked it and, at least, it made me speculate about the ending until the last 15 minutes.

Flags of our Fathers - A war film by Clint Eastwood about the men who were photographed while raising the American flag on Iwo Jimo. Good acting, well done character studies and incredible battle scenes but it really didn't go any where. One of the surprises is that Clint Eastwood composed one of the more interesting pieces of background music. A pass unless you really like the genre.

The Shooter - This movie is about an expert marksman and an attempt on the President's life. I really enjoyed it, learned a lot about marksmanship and was fully engaged in the plot. Although the ending was satisfying to me, others may not agree. A film worth checking out.

On another note - I have been invited into a new swap. This one is for doll quilts themed for the four seasons so it would be a year long committment. I know the moderator is looking for participants so if you would like to join the details are here: With such a small format it should not be too much of a pain. Check it out.

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