Sunday, July 29, 2007

Bubble Sweater

I finished the Bubble Sweater the other day. I love the texture and way the stripes pretty much lined up as I wanted. BUT before I finished weaving in all the loose ends I discovered that the dang thing had no shoulders. The set-in sleeves hang very nicely from the boney point of my shoulder bones but from there I went way, way, way off course. From the shoulder point I ended up developing a large cowl neck... on something that was to have a simple crew neck! Here's the sweater on the dress form:
And here is some detail on what I am talking about. I'm sure there is some way for me to figure out how to fix it without tearing out all that knitting but I don't have a clue as yet what that could be. I am not gong to tear it out as the yarn is a cotton/microfiber blend that really clings to itself. You can see it at as Austerman Bubble yarn with the pattern I used.

Maybe I should interface the whole thing with a fusible knit of some sort and use the 'yardage' in some other projects? It may be worth a try as I really liked this knitting before I messed up the shoulders. Any ideas?


Supermom said...

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Bristolcare said...

Hi Alice. Am I right in thinking that the Bubble Sweater is your own design?
I am in awe of your work!

Alice said...

sorry - not my pattern - Austermann, the manufacturer of the yarn, actually created the pattern that I screwed up - all I did was make it striped instead of solid.