Tuesday, July 3, 2007

June/July Sampler

I received my Sampler yesterday and I feel like I really hit the jackpot. From the top left hand corner the box included:

  • postcards made from old game boards by chickeney.etsy.com,
  • a cut little heart pin from abelstudio.etsy.com,
  • a full kit to make a dish cloth of cotton and wool yarn by craftleftovers.blogspot.com,
  • a knitting pattern that makes up into wrist warmers with big red lips on them as an extract from a new knitting book called pretty in punk from chroniclebooks.com,
  • a cute card from Jedidiahsnovelities.com,
  • a sample of some absolutely wonderful walnut dyed super wash merino sock yarn from greenprairiefibers.etsy.com,
  • cute gift tags from littletilegnome.com,
  • a book mark with some lovely ribbon from twinkletextiles.etsy.com,
  • a pair of sodalite hoop earrings that I would actually wear from moderndharma.com,
  • a botlecap magnet from manictrout.com,
  • a set of spa basics from shebassecret.com,
  • a Nom pin from littledear.etsy.com and
  • a soy candle from Sheba's Secret as well.

I regularly look at the craft leftovers blog but was hesitant to purchase. After all, I have lots of leftovers but this kit is very clever and I can't wait to make it up. The Sheba's Secrets items will also warrent another look as the products seem wonderful and the scents appear to be under control.

On another note - it rained most of yesterday so it was tough to get the dogs to go out. I have a little sun shade outside and I tried to encourage them to come out and join me out there to do their business. The girls would not take the bait hence the picture on the left of Kimora testing the air througth the doggy door. The picture on the right is of Alex standing in the middle of a downpour. He had a great time out in the yard as long as I stayed outside with him. I was dry under the sun shade while he got thoroughly soaked. What a life!

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Bristolcare said...

Kimora is cute. She reminds me of my friends dog, Missy, She feels the same way about the rain..lol