Wednesday, July 4, 2007

A Glorious Fourth...

Bah Humbug! ... or what ever the right expression is for this holiday. It rained from about 7:00 AM until about 4:30 PM. No grilling the beautiful steaks I was going to thaw out (until I saw the weather). No yard work or playing with the dogs outside. I did some vaccuuming, swapped the cushions on the couch, ate takeout with my son and his girlfriend and watched some movies - The Island (while vaccuumimng), Frantic (only part of it but that's all you need of Harrison Ford), Happy Texas and now Superman Returns.

The rain chances tomorrow are 60% so it looks like the mushrooms in the yard will have a nice layer of mold before too long.


Update - I forgot all about the little tykes around here that just have to set off fire crackers. Everything is so water logged I don't see how any fires could be started BUT the dogs are hating it. Lady Jane was always so calm about fireworks. She would check them out but no barking or other carrying on - the girls have to bark and run from the dining room at the front of the house to the back yard several times for each pop that they hear. Alex is a little afraid of them and between running around and barking he is firmly attached to my hip.

Will this day never end!

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mamalife said...

Bite your tongue! Can NEVER get enough of Harrison Ford!