Thursday, July 5, 2007

Doll Quilt Swap II

Finally decided that I would leave the quilt top the way it is without any additional embellishments. I tried to come up with a silhouette but the only one that looked real was of my son's head when he was a little boy and I don't think it was appropriate to the quilt. So its off to Denmark and I hope that my swap partner will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it for her. She did have some likes: fall colors, primary colors, black, suitable for hanging on a wall - I think I met most of them. I certainly love the colors and I did apply a hanging sleeve on the reverse which is black as well. I could have kept going with borders and such but then it would have been too big to meet the criteria. The arbiter of quilt perfection, my son, said that he liked it the way it was but pointed out where washing the quilt had made it a little wonky. Wonky works for me.
RAIN UPDATE - So far today my little rain gauge has recorded 1.4" of rain. A day without rain is not forecast until this coming Monday. Looks like my weekend will be spent sewing or, heaven forbid, cleaning up around here.


Knitting Keeps Us Sane said...

You know what - your quilt took the speedy route over the ocean and knocked at my door the 7th already! Too bad I was not at home then, and first now have gotten the package - for how excited I was! I love your sense of colour and how you put the fabrics together - it appeals strongly to my mathematical sense, and wonky? Who cares? If it were perfect, I might be afraid of touching it save for hanging on the wall! I am very gratefull that I got you as a pal - because I certainly like this one better than many many I saw in the last DQS.
It is just perfect, and if my pal likes hers half as much as I liked this one, than I cannot ask for more :)


M Haper said...

Thanks for teaching me the term wonky! As I iron and fold the 35 quilt tops I have ready to give to Project Linus Houston, I see several wonky ones and I will no longer worry about them!