Saturday, June 30, 2007

Saturday sharing

What a lazy life I lead. I have spent my out-and-about time the last two days shopping. I received a couple of dollar off coupons and such from various stores I frequent that needed to be used before the end of the month. Over and above that there are a lot of hoiday sales going on that I needed to take advantage of before they expired as well. Actually its been a great excuse to do a lot of window shopping and stock up on things I needed ... like some new t-shirts from Chco's, bug spray from Ace and cute shoes from Steinmart. The best deals though were at the Hobby Lobby.

Hobby Lobby is a craft and art supply store with a lot of home decorating items. They also have a fabric and sewing section. A friend made a jacket from some wonderful fabric from there so I had to go check it out. The first thing that caught my eye was this Indian cotton on sale at $1.00 a yard. At that price I took what was left on the bolt (8 yards) and plan to make a sun dress/house dress out of it. It is so light and airy it should be great in this area. Even if I only wear it when walking the dogs or mowing the lawn, it willl be a good investment.
The next thing I saw was the fabric my friend used. Isn't it wonderful! It was on sale at $5.00 a yard so I picked up the rest of the bolt on that as well. It came to about 4 1/2 yards. The main fabric is white cotton with balck embroidery. The black flowers with white embroidery are actually a raw edge reverse applique - chunks of black fabric attattached to the back of the white fabric, holes cut to reveal it then white embroidery thread used to adhere it to the white white fabric. I have too many ideas of what to make out of it but I do know that it will be something without a lot fitting so it can swing free. A great swishy skirt or dress?
The third piece that took my eye was this fabric. It has a wool tweed base with some sort of thin gauze over it, all embroidered in red with couched red ribbons. The icing on the cake was the way the gauze was removed in places in irregular shapes. I wonder if this will felt up or not? t was on sale for $10.00 a yard. I only picked up a yard of it to play with over the next few days - maybe a knitting bag? If that works, a fun jacket - it would need a lining.


Marisa said...

Your black and white fabric is incredible. It's super popular these days...I see b&w everwhere.

mamalife said...

We have SteinMart here also... I love that store !