Monday, June 25, 2007

One Day Left

Today I went into the office for the last time. Tomorrow is my official last day and my last offical act will be to e-mail all my coleagues my new contact information. I did not find one person in the office that I knew ... which is not unusual as I have been an orphan child for so long that the desk space assigned to me is in the middle of a group of techies from another business. On top of that most of the desks were empty as many of the poeple work from home or have been laid off recently. I feel a little guilt about not connecting with anyone as I left a wonderful corn plant, that I rescued a few years ago from another department, as well as a wonderful little color printer. I better rememeber to put these in the final e-mail to encourage fold to claim these items before they die or disappear.

I got my retirement package on Saturday and I must say its a little bit more generous that I expected when it came to benefits. There will be no cash payments for a while but I need to figure out what to do with my retirement plan and 401(k) funds before my severance runs out next year. Although I've been talking about tomorrow being my last day for a while, getting that package really brought it home.

Now I will be unable to put anything in that box on applications for employer or work phone number. I will not be defining myself as a finance technology geek. I am still a lot of things from poor house keeper to inveterate experimenter but when someone asks the question 'what do you do for a living?' will retired be enough or will I need another response? I kind of like explorer or inventor or celebrity guest? I'll let you know what works.


Bristolcare said...

I love to tell people who ask what work I do That I am retired. Most have a look of envy on their faces.!

Lisa K. said...

I choose "celebrity guest." So funny.

Enjoy your summer, and good luck with the job search.

mamalife said...

"Explorer" is already taken by Dora. Who has enough money in her bank account that she'll never have to worry (hundreds of it compliments of me!)