Saturday, June 23, 2007


This past week two shows that I have watched since they began had their series finales. The Sopranos and Stargate: SG-1 both ended this week but in totally different style.

The Sopranos was about a mob boss in New Jersey. In some ways it was entertaining especially when Tony, the boss, was talking to his therapist. It was also very disturbing as it was sometimes very violent. Human life seemed to have no value except as it pleased Tony. The show finished up with the screen going black on the family eating in a diner. The audience had no idea if the family was blown up at the diner or if things would continue to go on as they had since the beginning. I was totally unsatisfied and had no sense of closure.

Stargate:SG-1 is about a military team that uses an alien artifact called a Stargate to visit other parts of the galaxy where they thwart the forces of evil. It began on a premium channel (I think Showtime) and transitioned to the Sci-Fi channel. It ended with the team entering the Stargate one more time to do what they do. Even though many issues were unresolved, this series finale left me with a smile my face. Maybe the producers are hoping for movies since the series is over?

I ended up doing a lot of knitting this week as the Sci-Fi channel played lots of re-runs of Stargate:SG-1 - somehow lots of knitting only translates into getting the back of a simple sweater completed but it took a lot of time without many problems. If I'm lucky I will get it finisihed before the next millenium.

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Bristolcare said...

I also like SG1. It was filmed in Vancouver B.C.
A couple of friends and I were out hiking one weekend a few years ago. In the middle of nowhere we came across a security guard, guarding an 'Alien Village' It was set for SG1.